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Avida Towers Centera has one of the most unique amenities in town. The developer thoughtfully divided the towers into distinct zones. Each zone has a special theme and this is what sets it apart. Looking from a distance, Avida Towers Centera looks more or less a mini city. The towers touch the skyline, a symbol of majesty. 

Right from the gate, you will see the signs of magnificence that characterize this development. Getting here requires elaborate identification for security purposes and as part of protocol. The reason is this is an area that has lots of people and standards must be maintained at all times. 

There is a unique place inside the development, specifically set aside for fitness and fun. When it gets here, that is when you know the developer was really serious about health and fitness. There are several structures here including jogging tracks where people can run around or even walk as they exercise.

The volleyball and basketball courts are well designed and clearly marked to give you the opportunity to exercise in a standard environment. Being a mixture of condos one bedroom and two bedrooms, it is not a surprise to see businesses operating from here. They can use such facilities for team building and competitive sports. 

The adult pool and the kiddie pool are well tailored for the needs of residents here. There are pool attendants who ensure that the swimming pools are always clean and that people coming here including children are well monitored to avoid accidents. The pools give you a refreshing feel which is so important especially in the summer months. The jogging path and play area specifically reserved show just how serious health and fitness is taken here. 

The clubhouse is one of the best joints where you will find most of the community members in Avida Towers Centera chilling out. The clubhouse is Wi-Fi ready and there are a lot of activities going on here. For instance, if you have a friend you want to catch up with, you can comfortably do so from this clubhouse over a cup of tea. The clubhouse can also serve as a meeting area or a place where you can have a book club going as a hobby. 

The massive open spaces, gazebos, and lounge decks are a show of just how fine living can get at Avida Towers Centera. These amenities combined with the pool bar give you a lot of space to shuttle around and have fun without moving out of this area. For the pass time, there is an entertainment area which has an audio-visual room and a game room. These are amenities which are rare to find even in modern development around Philippines.

For those who want to meditate and just connect with their spirit, Avida Land was sure to include a prayer room and a meditation garden. In addition, there is a rock garden, an open lawn, and a tranquil water feature that calms the mind. Despite the larger community here, power and water supply are well-planned out to make it available to everyone. There are also green solutions included in the construction such as water harvesting, solar power, and recycling of waste water.

  • A place for fitness and fun
  • Active Pool (Basketball and Volleyball)
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Adult Pool
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Play Area
  • Jogging Path
  • Clubhouse (wifi ready)
  • Spill over area/open spaces
  • Gazebo
  • Pool/lounge deck
  • Pool bar
  • Entertainment Area (Game room/ Audiovisual room)
  • Guest area (wifi ready)
  • Seats/Benches
  • Prayer Room
  • Meditation Garden
  • Open Lawn
  • Rock Garden
  • Tranquil water feature
  • Roof deck lounge
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